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2nd Refugee Conference Rheinland-Pfalz 2013, on Saturday, September 14th in Mainz

Admission: 10am., Conference Start: around 12.00 o’clock

DGB-Haus, Kaiserstraße 26 (near Mainz Central Station)


More than four months have passed now since the last refugee conference on April 20th in Trier. In the last three months we have contacted many refugees in whole Rheinland-Pfalz and together with some of them broken the isolation of other refugees. In Discussions with the refugees five main shortcomings (apart from the threat of deportation) have turned out:

1. The missing access to Education
2. The lodging of refugees in isolated facilities and along with that
3. The bad public transport in many villages
4. Missing access to the internet and along with that the lack of information
5. The bad medical supply

Already in five regions TEACHERS ON THE ROAD could organize German Language courses since that. Our team of Isolationbreakers broke the isolation of refugees in many regions and small villages on the countryside and we will for sure continue!

To the conference on Saturday September 14 we’d like to invite all refugees themselves and all those supporters, who want to engage concretely in their region or village, whether they can offer teaching rooms, looking for alternative flats for refugees or as a voluntary teacher or Isolationbreaker.

For registration please send an Email to:

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